6 izgalmas egyetemi program, amire érdemes lesz figyelni

A következő években sokat változhatnak az erőviszonyok az egyetemi footballban. Vajon mely programok tudnak majd meglepetést okozni, és tenni egy nagyobb lépést előre?

“6 izgalmas egyetemi program, amire érdemes lesz figyelni” bővebben

Great running back indicator – Broken Tackle

It is really hard to see clearly where an RB’s effort starts and ends. The offensive line can make an average RB look elite, not just on stats. Therefore the most important part is how the RB can extend plays. Here comes in the picture the Broken Tackle (BT) and the Yards after contact (YACo) metric.

“Great running back indicator – Broken Tackle” bővebben

Yards before contact – YBC

A running back is as good as his offensive line, only few elite RB can work well behind a bad one. To support an RB Yards Before Contact (YBC) and good running lanes are essential, the rest is one on one situation between the RB and the defense. Lets take a look at the YBC.

“Yards before contact – YBC” bővebben